Tuesday, July 16, 2013

On our recent trip to Belize, we had the pleasure of visiting Caye Caulker. What a glorious day it was. The water taxi ride took only about an hour and then we were off to explore The Split. We found a mix of Belizeans and American tourists enjoying the beautiful teal green waters and the hot sun. Everything seemed like a scene from a post card. The cost of  food was a little bit on the high side, but we enjoyed every minute of our stay on the Caye.

How to Write and Publish Your First Cookbook

1. Invest in the program called Cooks Palate.
2 Enter the data from all your recipes into the program.
3. Decide if you want the book to be all recipes or have stories inserted between the recipes,
4. Decide if yo want pictures in the book.
5. Make sure you write the method according to how you normally talk. (You don't need to use Chef words if you don't normally use them)
6. Contact Author Inc for the publication of your book.

Note: When writing any book, never Edit while Writing. Editing while writing will mess up your creativity. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012


My 16 year old daughter was born with mild eczema that was kept under control with the usual over the counter and prescription creams. In the Summer of 2006, (age 11)she suffered the most severe attack of  this horrid disease ever. It attacked her face from ear to ear, encompassing the nose and lips and cheeks most severely. At first she would feel like she was having a hot flash underneath her cheeks, then her skin would become inflamed and red. Then it would weep clear fluid. When she was in the middle of this cycle she couldn't smile as it would break her skin and cause it to weep more. In the next part of the cycle, Jada's skin would then get dry and cracked and then scab off. She would have a couple days of smooth skin, but then it would be right back to the hot flashes again and then another 14 days of this vicious symptoms. It got to the point that she was losing pigment in her skin. (almost like Vitiligo) The cycle persisted for 2 years with nothing at all helping. We tried meds and alternative methods. We tried laying on hands healing with many healers. Eventually, an elder in a church we had been attending laid hands on her and within four days the 14 day cycle halted and we saw marked changes in her skin. We then heard about this amazing cream that she could use to maintain her new beautiful skin. We bought it immediately and since 2008, Jada has been completely healed. Her skin color has been restored and she has had no outbreaks. The cream is called Free Derm and the website is www.freederm.com. This cream has been like a miracle in a jar. It even took away her acne. If I ever figure out a way to post photos on this blog..I will share some of Jada's healing photos with you.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dealing with New Years Resolutions

Are you the type that makes resolutions, and then feel frustrated when you give them up a few weeks later? I know I do. This is the reason why I don't make resolutions anymore. At the start of each new day I have a 15 minute period of devotion. I pray, read one chapter of the Bible and then meditate for 3 minutes. In those 3 minutes I plan my day. This is where I make my little mini resolutions and I  find that they are easier to keep if I make them daily. Why don't you try this method and see if it works for you. Good luck!!!